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Attention all consulting firms looking for a culture & leadership development specialist who delivers exceptional results!


I’m proud to report that my clients have been nothing less than thrilled with the results.

As much as I love coaching clients directly, I'm equally passionate about being part of a team and creating something extraordinary. I truly believe that when great minds come together, magic happens. So, let's explore what we can accomplish as a dynamic duo (or trio, or even a whole squad).

I've had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients, from small and mid-sized firms to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, both as a solopreneur and as part of various project teams for two different culture consulting agencies. I even spent a year doing full-time work to build the culture and leadership transformation service offerings for one of those organizations. 

I've got an exciting proposition for you!

— Vanessa Hagerbaumer, Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur

I've had the pleasure to work with her as a leadership development partner, coach collaborator, and as a fellow lifelong learner. Not only is she a gifted facilitator and experience designer, her positivity, collaboration, and deeply human-centric approach elevate the project at hand and uplift everyone involved. I highly recommend being part of whatever Dané is doing!”

"Her positivity, collaboration, and deeply human-centric approach elevate the project at hand."


Consulting firms and agencies looking for a strategic partner who brings a wealth of experience, contagious enthusiasm, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results

Organizations seeking to transform their leadership teams and company culture through impactful partnerships

Teams that value trust, open communication, and a shared passion for making a difference

Other coaches and consultants committed to transforming workplace cultures into communities where team members flourish.

Are you a consulting firm or agency looking for an experienced, flexible and agile partner who can bring a fresh perspective and contagious enthusiasm to your projects? Look no further, I love collaborating with teams that share my commitment to delivering exceptional results and making a lasting impact on their clients' organizations.

Who I Collaborate With

Continuously learning from each other and expanding our minds to unlock our greatest potential

Collaborating on thought leadership content, such as articles, whitepapers, and presentations

Providing expert coaching and guidance to support individual and team growth

Developing customized solutions to address unique challenges and opportunities within your client's organization

Co-creating, facilitating, and administering workshops and full-scale programs for hundreds of leaders

From co-creating and facilitating workshops to providing expert coaching and guidance to designing and implementing comprehensive cultural transformation projects, our collaboration can take many exciting forms. 

Picture this: a dynamic partnership where we combine our strengths, expertise, and creativity to develop game-changing solutions for your clients.

What Our Collaboration Could Look Like


If you're looking for a partner who is dedicated to creating transformative experiences and delivering outstanding results, I'm your gal! Let's put our heads together and explore how we can collaborate to make a lasting impact on your clients and their organizations.

Ready to Create Magic Together?

Discover My Story

I'm an ICF certified coach, an expert culture and leadership consultant, and a seasoned experience designer and facilitator. I've trained in the neuroscience of change, breakthrough facilitation, and human-centered design, among other development modalities. All this aside, what really matters to me is to continuously learn and grow and to help individuals and organizations realize their full potential by doing the same.

With a corporate background at the Director level and an MBA with a leadership focus, I've discovered that deep internal transformation is the key to successful team and organizational transformation. There's truly nothing more fulfilling than witnessing that unfolding firsthand!

I'm Dané Johnson, an Executive Leadership Consultant & Coach.

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